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Garlic Cheese Crackers (Coconut Flour)

Gluten Free, Low Carb, Vegetarian | July 5, 2012 | By

These are a nice quick cracker full of fibre and could be flavoured to your own taste.  I used dried Oregano and garlic powder but you could use something else…perhaps chilli and cheese? Yum.. As ever, the wonderful coconut flour is used here keeping it low carb, gluten free and full of fibre! 

The Mozzarella keeps the cracker moist but you could try to cook them for a bit longer to get a more crispier cracker…try the recipe and make it your own!


3 Tblspns coconut flour

2 tblspns butter, soft

1/2 cup mozzarella cheese

1/4 cup cold water

1/4 tspn salt

1/4 tspn garlic powder

1/4 tspn dried oregano

1/8 tspn baking powder


  • Preheat the oven to 200C/400F degrees.
  • Mix the coconut flour, salt, garlic, oregano and baking powder.
  • Mix in the butter and blend with your fingers (or you could throw it all in a food processor!)
  • Add the cheese and water until a dough forms.
  • Lay the dough out in between two sheets of parchment paper and roll out to about 1/4 inch thick (thinner if you want it crispier).
  • Cut into squares and poke with a fork.
  • Place the bottom sheet of parchment paper with the cracker biscuit on it, on a baking tray.
  • Bake for 13- 16 minutes until golden and firm.
  • Eat and enjoy!

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