Sugar Free Margaritas

I came across a saying the other day that said, “I want to booze and still lose” which summed up perfectly my weekends.    So, to continue enjoying a Margarita or two without the horrors of the bathroom scales afterwards, I have replaced the sugary, yet lovely, Triple Sec or Cointreau with orange extract.  This really cuts down on the sugar and the carbs.  Orange extract is not widely available here (if at all) as it contains alcohol.  However you can make your own at home..phew!   Another replacement can be the orange blossom water they sell in the supermarkets here.  Or perhaps a tablespoon of juice from an orange.


1.5 oz Tequila

1 tbslpn lime juice

1/4 cup water

1/4 tspn orange extract

1 tblspn Agave syrup




  • Wet the rim of a glass and dip into a small plate of salt.
  • Combine all ingredients.  Serve over ice
  • Drink and enjoy!

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