Flatbread (Coconut flour and Psyllium)

Yummy flatbread
Yummy flatbread

This is another great use of Psyllium in a grain free bread recipe and is very easy to make too.   Since Psyllium and coconut flour are high in fibre this bread is very filling.  Make sure you drink a lot of water!  You can use this for dipping with sauces, spread with pate or load it up like a open sandwich.    Use it like a sandwich wrap, make a mini pizza…just have fun and enjoy it!  You could play around with the spices too, perhaps add chillis?  

I found this recipe from a lovely blog http://clevercook.net.au/ which is full of awesome recipes!    I used a griddle pan to cook them as I liked the markings it gave on the bread too.



60g coconut flour

2 tblspn psyllium husk powder (must be the powder form).

40g coconut oil (or melted butter)

1/2 tspn salt

1 tspn baking powder

250g boiling water (boil it just as you need it)

herbs/garlic powder (optional)

An open sandwich with grilled veggies
An open sandwich with grilled veggies


  • Mix the dry ingredients with a hand whisk.

1 - mixture

  • Add the oil and blend well.  It will look like a nut butter.

3 - mix together

  • Add the boiling water, half at a time and blend until a dough like mixture forms.

4 - Add half the water 5 -Add remaining water 6 - blend well 9 Final Dough

  • Divide the mixture into 3 large balls.
  • Roll the balls between 2 sheets of greaseproof paper and flatten out.

7 - Rolled out

  • Dry fry in a pan for 2– 3 minutes each side, until golden.

8 - Dry fry in pan

  • Eat and enjoy!
  • Makes 2-4.


Nutrition – Each :: 185 Calories; 12g Fat; 3g Protein; 16g Carbohydrate; 11g Dietary Fiber; 5g Net Carb

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  1. will try it, thanks. wondered what I was going to do with this coconut I have, I dont have any psyllium I will substitute oat bran will that work? I really dont’ like bread anymore since following this lower carb diet I have been following a month now, but this bread you made sounds delicious.


  2. Wow these are totally amazing, we can’t believe how good they are. I’ve been grain free for about 3 months and these are the closest I have tasted to a wheat or rye product since then. The texture is perfect. Yum, thanks very much for posting this!


  3. Hey folks, tried a similar recipe using psyllium and tried some substitutions. My finding? Go and get some psyillium husk. Not expensive and great to have as nothing else really fills that spot if you want decent ‘bread’ ….. (plus it’s good for you and fills you up!) ;-)


  4. this sounds great but I ‘m not sure how to convert the measurements for the coconut flour and oil from grams to cups…can you help me!? Thanks!


  5. I’ve just made these and I’m really not sure what I’ve done wrong! I ended up with flat soggy oily messes :/ any suggestions?


    • Hmmm…have been pondering over this one as I make this a lot and have not yet encountered this problem. I wonder whether the key is the type of psyllium powder? My advice would be to add the water at the end in stages, blending the mixture until you have a dough.


      • Hi Maryanne, it sounds like you did not have enough water in it. Before it goes in the pan it should have a dough like consistency. Try not to overwork the mixture too. Thanks for popping by and hope the next attempt at this is successful!


  6. So I tried making this, and it stuck to the pan using the “dry fry” method. I use cast iron. Also, the inside was raw, even after cooking it much longer than you recommend. Should I bake or deep fry this instead? I don’t understand why it stayed raw for so long, or why it kept sticking to the pan. Even when I added oil for the next piece, it was still sticking. I really want to like this bread, help!


  7. […] Flatbread (Coconut flour and Psyllium)  – This is our favourite for a Friday night/can’t be really bothered to cook but want something tasty.   It’s our staple “pizza” base recipe or basically slather it with vegetables and cheese! Soooo easy to make!                                                                                               […]


  8. I tried these yesterday and they came out as total gloop and just didn’t work. I tried again today adding water slowly until it formed a dough, and didn’t add the whole 250ml as suggested. Worked much better, but does still take longer than the 2-3 minutes each side.
    Strong flavour, but really nice.


      • Hi, On low carb for several weeks now and no oven, so trying for something like this bread that’s not baked. I am now in PR and not much available, did not see psyllium anywhere at the Health food store. Can I substitute with almond meal? I do have the coconut flour. Great blog and ideas! Thanks!


  9. I used various websites to convert the weight measurements to dry measure. Is this correct?
    1C coconut flour
    2.75Tbsp coconut oil (or melted butter)
    1C boiling water


  10. Hi, I would very much like to try this but haven’t been able to find Psyllium in Dubai. Do you know where I can get it or do I have to go online? Thanks. Ps Your recipes look delicious and have been pinning away like mad!


  11. I split the recipe into 10 small balls instead of 3 large ones and used a rolling pin to flatten each between two sheets of parchment paper. It made excellent 1.5g net carb tortillas!


  12. Hi, I just tried these, and I had serious problems with keeping them together. When I tried to flip the bread in the pan I ended up with bits and pieces. I followed your recipe except I used ground flax seed instead of psyllium. Anybody else having this issue? Any suggestions on what to do differently? (I still ate them; used them as a base and built a salad on top)


  13. Hi Diva,
    Well I tried these a second time and had the same result. I used metric for everything and weighed the ingredients incl coconut oil as solid, then melting. Admittedly I added the oil and water all at once but still found a doughy consistency after mixing.
    Then putting it in the (dry) pan, I found a lovely layer of the bread stick to the non-stick cast iron pan. It doesn’t really work after that.
    Perhaps you could put some more photos or a video of you making it so I/we can check our progress more closely?


  14. Just made one batch, love them! They are very tasty, fluffy and light! And last but not least, they are made very easily and quickly. Will absolutely make them again and again and again! Thanks for the recipe!


  15. Hi I was wondering which brand of psyllium husk powder you use? Also can u tell me the weight conversion for the psyllium (in grams or oz, not TBSP)


  16. I’m on a keto-diet and I was craving bread so badly! Just tried this recipe and it works great! I like that there is no egg in this (I’m so sick of eating eggs on this keto diet).Thank you so much for sharing.


  17. […] Ok, going to make this short: But are anyone else trying to cut down on carbs while at the same time enjoying "bread like" wraps? Been searching for years now, and appears I've finally found one that somewhat matches my needs. I may do another post on it, but it basically involves coconut flour, psyllium husk and boiling water along the lines of the recipe below. Have done some changes to it, but so far meets my needs in terms of texture, looks, chewiness, brown spots, pliability etc. And most importantly, it stays moist and soft as it goes cold. Needs a bit further refinement on the taste though… Just to add #1: Cannot believe I need to buy imported coconut flour at Villa for 350 THB. I understand that Thailand does not have a bread culture, but this stuff is truly amazing. So far I have not been able to make a decent one myself from coconut flesh, but still having a go at it… Just to add #2: I would not really consider this to be "anti-carb" or "anti-bread" or anything like it. Same as I'm not "anti-sugar". From my research and experience at least, wheat products are actually making us ill. As it metabolizes in the liver the same way as sugar does. Sure, added fiber can slow the process down, but still produces those nasty LDLs that is a killer for both weight and cholesterol. I will still consume it on occasion, but all in moderation. Flatbread (Coconut flour and Psyllium) | Divalicious Recipes […]


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