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Chia Seeds

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Chia seeds

I’ve recently been playing around with Chia seeds and currently enjoy them most in a pudding form that I have for breakfast.   Pudding for breakfast you say? Madness?  No.  It’s a great way to start the day, keeps you full and are full of nutrients.  Chia seeds are gluten and grain free but one tablespoon of the little seeds has more calcium than a glass of milk.  More Omega 3 than Salmon and more antioxidants than blueberries!  They give you energy and are also great for weight loss as they absorb about 12  times their size in liquid.  So will expand and keep you full as well as being nutritious.  They also keep your blood sugar levels at a sensible level.   They are one of the most versatile superfoods.

When added to liquid they create a substance that looks like gelatin.   Or a tapioca pudding.  This gel like substance is due to the soluble fibre in the Chia seed.  This form is often used as an egg substitute.  I’ve tried it without success but will try again.   However, a great substitute for those with an egg allergy.

Allegedly, this little power houses of seeds were used as a staple of their diet and as an energy food.  Runners and warriors would use them for sustenance whilst running long distances or during battle.

Try to keep to one to two tablespoons of seeds a day.   Mix up in a pudding, add to a smoothie, sprinkle over a salad.

Personally, I love making breakfast puddings and chia seed jam with them to get my daily boost of these super seeds!

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