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Coconut Milk Ice Cream

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A dairy free coconut milk ice cream that is easy to make and no ice cream machine required.


I’ve been playing around with ice cream recipes that do not require an ice cream maker (although I now want one!) and a few no churn ice recipes seem to rely on condensed milk which is out for so many reasons!  This was the most simple recipe and the Chief Taster loved it so much I “had” to make it again the following weekend.   It’s also vegan and also great for anyone who is intolerant to dairy.  I made another ice cream with cream and yoghurt, but in all honesty, I preferred this one.

I used coconut milk from a can, but you could use coconut cream too.   I am keeping this recipe very simple as you can use this as a base and add other ingredients to flavour it as you want.  I did try a version with cherries which was delicious and now am pondering what else to add to this.  Just use this as a base like a vanilla ice cream and add your own flavourings to it!  Or simply enjoy the coconut deliciousness of this on its own.

My top tip with this is to make it on the morning that you want to eat it.  You will need to whisk the mixture every 30-40 minutes until frozen which will take about 4-5 hours.   I cannot emphasis the importance of stirring/whisking the mixture regularly.  It stops ice crystals forming and keeps the ice cream creamy.



2 tins coconut milk (13oz cans)

1 tspn vanilla essence

1/2 cup ground erthyritol  (or sugar substitute of your choice)



  • Put the cans of the coconut milk in the fridge overnight.
  • Take the coconut milk cans out of the fridge and tip over vertically on the opposite end it was stored (this will allow you to pour off the liquid part of the coconut milk leaving only the milk fat).
  • Pour the liquid out of the can in one bowl, and in another scrape the thick cream left behind (this is what you use for the ice cream).
  • Place the thick coconut cream in a bowl, add the vanilla essence and erthyritol and whisk until blended.
  • Pour the mixture into a large tupperware bowl or bowl with a large surface area (this helps to quicken the freezing process). Cover and place in the fride.
  • Remove from the fridge about every 30-40 mins, whisk thoroughly to distribute the icey mixture for about 4-5 hours until you get the desired consistency of ice cream.
  • Eat and enjoy!  (Best served on the same day).

Serves 2-4



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