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  1. Marilyn Haney

    Oops.....I just re-read YOUR instructions! Its all there! So sorry!

    • Angela Coleby

      No problem!

  2. Marilyn Haney

    Happy Easter! You may or may not receive this in I’m making this cake for the first time today. I read the instructions, but I don’t see where you added the egg yolks?

  3. Blanka Grubišić

    Hi, I just discovered your Page an by all means it's great though I have a question considering erthyritol, I see you bake cakes at 170, does it raste bitter, I read that temperature shoul be 160 when baking with that kind od sweetener? Btw I mase keto walnut bread and love it ?

    • Angela Coleby

      Hi! Glad you like the bread. I'm not sure about the baking temperature of 160 but you could try and see. Perhaps do a trial run with a few cupcakes. A couple at 160 and others at 170. A fun taste testing afternoon!

      • Blanka

        Thank for the quick reply, do you usually use erythritol and it tastes ok when baking? I don't have much experience with sweetener in cakes si that is why I am so annoying ? thanks again, all receipes seems great, I have to try them all ?

  4. Patrick Fridley

    Wonderful recipe for our keto diet granddaughter. Thank you!

  5. Toni

    This cake is soooo delicious! :)Just made it and whole family (including 2 young kids) love it. I followed the recipe, just ran out of erythritol and put it less than in the recipe - still so good and not bitter at all! Thanks 🙂

    • Angela Coleby

      So glad to hear this! You've made my day!

  6. Mandy

    I would like to try baking this cake with Almond flour and Erthyritol for my diabetic husband. Have you or anyone else tried with replacing the eggs with Ground Chia Seeds? Would adding Baking Powder help in fluffing/rising the cake?

    • Angela Coleby

      How about adding some apple cider vinegar if you are using an egg replacement for extra volume?

      • Mandy

        Angela, I was planning to replace the eggs with ground chia seeds( which is soaked in right amount of water). The reason for replacing eggs is due to having little allergic sensitivity to eggs in baked goods. In the past have used this replacement method for making brownies with almond flour. I've never tried using ACV for baking cakes. As per your recipe approx. how much ACV should be added? Thanks

        • Angela Coleby

          I'd estimate one tablespoon of ACV.

  7. Donna

    Do the egg whites deflate when mixing both them and the last cup of almond flour?

    • Divalicious

      Just a little, just fold them in gently. Enjoy!

  8. Anne

    Tastes super, not overly sweet, quite an "adult cake".
    Warning: It is very delicate when warm/hot (but nobody minded that it came chunks rather than slices)

    • Divalicious

      Glad you enjoyed it Anne! Thanks for popping by!

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