Welcome to my domestic Divalicious world of food, home and the odd drink..

I have always loved food and drink, perhaps a bit too much.  When my husband and I moved to Dubai this love affair deepened as the social life can revolve around countless brunches where we tend to consume our body weight in food and drink.   In an effort to be more healthy we have pursued the usual diets of counting calories, juicing and sweating hours in the gym.  Nothing really seemed to work until we started to go back to basics and cut out all processed food, juices and sugars.   We tweaked this further by making sure we ate low carbs,  and no grains.   This has been the best thing for our bathroom scales, and even better, has shown results without hours of sweating at the gym.    When we now brunch, we know what we should and should not avoid.  And if we do hit the dessert section hard, we know how to undo it the following week and ignore the cravings caused by the sugar rush.

The great thing is that this has lead me to so many new recipes and also made me recreate some of my old ones to adapt to a low carb/gluten free lifestyle.   I love cooking and can spend many happy hours in the kitchen so to keep finding more recipes that suit our new eating plan is such fun.  The husband is loving the tasting experiments that come his way as chief taster.   The best thing is that we are not compromising on taste by eating this way either.   To save myself the time of going door to door with a scrap book of my recipes in order to convert others to my new way of cooking and eating I thought I would put them all in this blog.   Additionally, as a domestic Diva I will be including household and other tips that I use in order to pursue a more natural life.    Oh, and there are a few grown up drink recipes…that are not quite part of this natural life style, but hey a Diva has to live a little..

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