Gluten Free/ Low Carb

Spinach and Ricotta Gnocchi

This is a no flour, low carb, gluten free dish of spinach yumminess.   I prefer to serve this with a tomato sauce but the Gnocchi would also be lovely with a hearty salad too.   Light, refreshing and good for you..this dish has it all!  This dish is also known as naked ravioli because the gnocchi are essentially  mounds of ravioli filling.  It’s important to squeeze the spinach completely dry, so the gnocchi don’t fall apart.

The recipe here uses fresh spinach, but you could also use frozen spinach.  Just make sure that all the water is squeezed out of the spinach.


900g fresh spinach  (half if using frozen)

1 container ricotta cheese

6 tblspns Parmesan cheese, grated

2 egg yolks, beaten

1 tblspn butter

good pinch of grated nutmeg

salt and pepper


  • Preheat the oven to 180C/350F degrees.
  • Cut the stems off the spinach and cook in a large pan of boiling water for 1 minute.  Remove and plung into a large bowl of ice water to stop the cooking.
  • Drain the spinach leaves well, and squeeze out any excess water.  Chop the leaves very fine.
  • Put the spinach, Ricotta, 4 tblspns of Parmesan, egg yolks and seasoning into a bowl.  Mix well.
  • Shape the mixture into balls about the size of walnuts.
  • Lightly butter a casserole dish and place the gnocchi balls in it.  Sprinkle with some Parmesan cheese.

  • Cook for about 20 minutes.
  • Serve with your sauce of choice.
  • Eat and enjoy!

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