Natural Bug Spray

The summer in Dubai will soon be over and although we have many months of outdoor freedom infront of us, it also means the return of those pesky insects.     They do love to dine on me but rather use those strong insect repellent sprays that leave me coughing and reaching for my asthma pump, I prefer a more natural and effective route.


3 oz distilled water

1 oz witch hazel

6 drops lavender essential oil

3 drops tea tree essential oil

3 drops citronella essential oil


  1. Place essential oils together in a glass spray bottle. Shake well. To really “marry” the aromas, allow the oils to sit together in the bottle for a week.
  2. Add the distilled water and witch hazel. Shake to ensure the oils are fully incorporated.
  3. To use, spray in and around areas where you want to repell bugs and inscects. Do not spray around the face and avoid eyes completely. For adult use only.

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