Kale Cauliflower Tots

Sharing is caring!825sharesSharePin818Yummly7 Jump to Recipe Print RecipeKale cauliflower tots are a great side dish or even a healthy snack.  Sneak some kale into your food today! I love cauliflower tots and thought of adding kale to them as a way of using up the kale I had bought.  The kale is not too overpowering with flavour making this an enjoyable way to eat it for those of you who are not too keen on kale.  The Parmesan cheese helps too. I made this kale cauliflower tots recipe all in the frying pan.  No bowls are required, and it also saves on the washing up.  When you don’t have a dishwasher, you start to make cooking choices rather than use every bowl in the cupboard. You could add spices to the Parmesan cheese that the croquettes are rolled in to up the flavour.  Perhaps some cayenne pepper? Or extra garlic powder if you don’t have a date that night!  Without any additional spices these are still delicious. These kale cauliflower tots can be a side dish or a snack.  They would make a great kiddie snack, especially if you roll the cauliflower tots to a small size.  Server with a … Continue reading Kale Cauliflower Tots