Cheese Empanadas

Sharing is caring!908sharesSharePin907Yummly1A cheese empanadas recipe that uses a pastry made with coconut flour and psyllium husk powder.  A healthier version that is baked and not fried too. In Aruba we have a version of empanadas called a Pastechi.  These a golden pastry filled with cheese and meats and are deep-fried.  However delicious and golden these savoury treats are they are high in carbs and full of wheat.  So, I wanted to make a healthier version.  Many countries have their own versions of a pastry circled filled and folded over.  In the UK we have the Pasty, Aruba the Pastechi and empanadas which originates from Spain but has many different versions in South America.  Venezuela uses corn instead of wheat flour.   The Jamaican patty is a particular favourite of mine too.  I’ve made a gluten free version but need to work on a low carb version. This coconut flour dough is one of my current favourites.  It’s easy to make, low in carbs, gluten free and high in fibre.  You could add other flavourings to the dough if you wish.  Pep it up with some garlic powder or some cayenne pepper.  The psyllium husk powder gives the dough some elasticity … Continue reading Cheese Empanadas