Barbados Rum Punch – Low Carb

Sharing is caring!292sharesShare51Pin239Yummly2 Jump to Recipe Print RecipeThis is my version of a sugar free Barbados rum punch.   It was one of our favourite drinks when we lived there but unfortunately it is full of sugar.  It was a necessity for us to make a healthier version as it’s one of our favourite drinks. With rum comes rum punch. There are many versions of a rum punch that vary from island to island in the Caribbean and each one is different.  When I see a drinks recipe post with a generic “Caribbean Rum Punch” title I can’t help but raise an eyebrow and sigh.  I must resist myself upon correcting them, and let them enjoy the fond memory of the holiday they had on another rock where they enjoyed one too many rums.   There is no such thing as a Caribbean punch.   The mix of a cocktail varies between islands. The Barbados rum punch has a great recipe rhyme that is easy to remember.  I call it a nursery rhyme for adults! One of sour, two of sweet Three of strong and four of weak A dash of bitters and a sprinkle of spice Serve well chilled with plenty … Continue reading Barbados Rum Punch – Low Carb