2015 Review

2015 review

As the festive season approaches and the end of 2015 is in sight it’s time for a reflection upon the year.  Rather than look at my favourite recipes of 2015 I wanted to look at my favourite comments from you all, whether it be via email, on the website or Facebook.  I love the interaction and some people have made me smile, which makes me happy!

So, in no particular order, I’d like to give a big thanks to the following people who made me smile and happy this year!

Constance Munoz – for tip about making hazelnut milk

John Atkinson – for his witty comments on one of my jokes on Facebook.  I loved it!

Sophie from Sophie’s Food Files for being the most interactive blogger on my site. I enjoyed all of your delightful comments and glad you enjoy the recipes.

Maria Haskins – for enjoying my humour on Facebook!

Kylina Paquet – for tips on cooking with hazelnut flour and the horrifying egg story!

Andrea Steinhausen – for being the most interactive follower on Facebook.

Allison James Gismondi – for tips on home made Nutella.

Renee – for your perservance with the bread roll recipe.  I really hope it works out and if you are ever in my location, come round for a baking session!

Kelly at successfullyhealthy.com for making me both roar with laughter and left me with a big grin with your comments.

Alida – for sharing your coconut & blueberry cheesecake with your neighbours. So generous. I’d bite their hands if anyone came near mine..

Michael Sojka – for making me salivate over my keyboard with your adaption of the bread recipe into a gorgeous dessert of nuts and raisins. Dammit, just drooled again…

Sean – for forgiving me in my late reply to his bread query! (my puppy took a lot of my time up that month!)

Kathy – for letting me know that the chia pancake recipe could be used to make waffles..great idea!

Chuck Collingwood – For such a lovely comment on my garlic dough balls…you made me smile that day with your lovely comments.

Dustin – for your genius idea of making tortillas out of the flatbread recipe.


And a big wave to everyone else who emailed me, chatted on FB and a big thanks for following me.   X



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    December 21, 2015 at 6:06 pm

    You are welcome, dear Foodie friend! I aldo love, love your tasty recipes! Cheers to the new year! Xxxx ?????

    • Reply
      Angela Coleby
      December 21, 2015 at 6:09 pm

      I look forward to what your allotment will bring next year! Cheers!xx

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