Broccoli Coleslaw



I never had thought of using the broccoli stem in recipes and used to chuck it away after trimming my broccoli.  Then I read about using it in salads, often in place of raw cabbage, so gave it a whirl.  Well, what a revelation to me this was.  I loved the flavour and it is similar to cabbage and not as “broccoli” as I thought it would be.  It has a nice crunch too.  So, what better dish to play around with it then the humble coleslaw.  I used a blue cheese dressing for this but you could use your usual coleslaw dressing instead.  I shall never throw away the stems again!

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Carrot, Peanut, Ginger & Lime Salad


Inspired by a recent Buzzfeed article on salads made with a spiralizer, I reached into my cupboards, wiped the dust of mine and gave this recipe a go.  It blew me away and I am now back to spiralizing everything I can get my hands on!  This is one of the best salads I’ve eaten for a while and I could eat this all day long.  I may start to look orange at this rate as I’ve been munching this at least 3 times a week since making it.

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Hazelnut Flour Muffins with a Coffee Cream Cheese Topping


I’ve recently been playing around with hazelnut flour as I came across a bag of this in a supermarket.   I substituted a few recipes that I usually use almond flour with the hazelnut flour and was delighted with the results.   I love the hazelnut flavour and combined it with coffee for the cream cheese topping.  You could change the topping or omit it all together.   I liked it as it reminded me of a coffee and walnut cake.  If you don’t have hazelnut flour you could make your own by grinding the nuts (the same way that you would make almond flour).  Sadly for me, hazelnuts are not in abundance where I live so you can understand my excitement when I came across a bag of this flour and saw how low in carbs it was too.  I think I squealed out loud with girlish glee….makes a change from my loud swearing at seeing how expensive the cauliflowers are in that shop.

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Palm Hearts, Tomato and Artichoke Salad

This is a colourful and tasty salad that is just wonderfully simple to make.  Although I used basil, other herbs would be just as tasty.  It would make a great side salad with fish or a frittata or you can just scoff a bowl of it by itself!   It’s best eaten after about 30 minutes of making to let the flavours develop.

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Kale, Red Pepper & Onion and Feta Frittata


As you will know by now, I love a frittata.  It’s my “let’s whip up something quick dish”.  I had bunches of kale lying around, as you do, so thought I’d use it in a frittata in place of spinach.  It tasted better than I had anticipated and even the Chief Taster munched a large piece for lunch.  It was colourful and tasty – just as I like my food!

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Crustless Asparagus, Artichoke and Goats Cheese Quiche




Picnic time is upon us and a great way to make a crustless Quiche is in a lining of greaseproof paper.   All you have to do is bake it and it’s ready wrapped for you.  It feels like a little present as you unwrap the Quiche too!  The combination of artichoke and asparagus give a lovely summery taste but you could make this with any of your favourite fillings.   You can eat this warm straight from the oven, or cooled on a flower-filled meadow on a picnic blanket..

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Margarita Ice Cream (Low Carb Version)


I made this recently for a bbq and forgot how lovely it is. Very easy to make and enjoyed by all (except children!) #ice-cream

Originally posted on Divalicious Recipes:

This is based on the no churn Nigella recipe but I’ve made it a bit more low carb friendly by using Orange extract and erythritol.    It is an easy ice cream to make as it does not involve an ice cream maker and the result is lovely and creamy and the joy of Tequila!


125ml lime juice

Zest of 2 limes

2 tblspn Tequila

3 tblspn orange extract

100g powdered erthyritol (I process this in a blender)

500ml double cream


  • Pour the juices, orange extract and tequila into a bowl and add the erthyritol.  Mix well until blended.
  • Add the cream and lime zest and whip until fairly firm.
  • Spoon into an airtight container and put in the freezer, ideally overnight.
  • Scoop, eat and enjoy!

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