Turkey, Apple and Thyme Balls

I think I need to start seeing a professional about my obsession with cooking food in ball shapes…. It’s just easy to make really…throw a few things together, put them in a ball shape and voila!  Something to have with a sauce or by themselves as a snack.  For this creation I was thinking about…

Apple, Cinnamon and Flaxseed Muffins

Flaxseeds are just so good for you and I keep trying to find different ways to cook with them to make them a regular part of my diet.  So a muffin seems as good as any other way to start!  The apple keeps the muffin moist and the spices give it a great flavour.  I…

Apple and Blackberry Muffin (Almond Flour)

I am enjoying baking with almond flour as I think it gives a lovely moist muffin and cake.  For this dish I used a simple muffin recipe and added some grated apple and a couple of blackberries.  The apples make the muffin very moist and the blackberries give the muffins a bit of zing !   Gluten…

Apple Cinnamon Pancake (Coconut Flour)

This is a great weekend breakfast for us but could equally be a lovely dessert too.   Gorgeous with a side of cream and make with the wonderful coconut flour, so full of fibre too!  One of these may make you ask for another but don’t! You will be too full!

Parsnip and Apple Soup

This is a delicious hearty soup and the blend of apple and parsnip goes very well.   It is one of our winter favourites and can be enhanced with a tablespoon of ground coriander if you wish.   Or you could also add a dash of cream once it is blended if you want it even richer.