Gingered Chicken Dumplings


A simple yet tasty chicken dish that can be made a few hours ahead.  Serve with cauliflower rice, vegetable noodles or stir fried vegetables.   You can steam these, pan fry them or bake them in the oven.   The best thing is that they can be made ahead so more time for you kicking back and enjoying that sofa!

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Roasted Cabbage


Cabbage slices with garlic

If in doubt about cooking a vegetable, roast it!  I find that many of my childhood vegetables that were boiled to an inch of their lives, are so much better roasted.  Cauliflower and broccoli in particular.  So I tried roasting cabbage.   So simple and yet so tasty!  When I was playing around with this we ate plates of it just by itself!  So I am in two minds whether to call this a side or main vegetable dish!    You can really play around with the flavourings of roast cabbage.  I am currently torn between two flavours of roast cabbage, one just slathered with oil and garlic, the other covered with whole-grain mustard with a dash of lemon.   Yummy!

The cabbage can be cut into slices or wedges, slathered with your flavourings, then roasted.  It’s that simple!


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Cauliflower Bread (Coconut Flour)


I’ve made wraps, bread sticks, pizza and even cake from cauliflower, so thought I’d try a cauliflower bread with it.  The bread is firm and moist along with the Chief Taster approval.   We tried a few slices as an open sandwich which were delightful.  The next day I toasted a few slices with my scrambled eggs for breakfast.  Just delicious!  Although I’ve used coconut flour, you could probably use almond flour (but reduce the eggs) and get a similar result.

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Flourless Chocolate Pudding


Chocolate pudding is one of my childhood (and adult) favourites.  Served with chocolate custard and I am purring like a kitten.   The original recipe from Ditch the Wheat (great site, check it out!) almost brought out cheers of joy from our house…a quick low carb, chocolate pudding!  It is a similar concept to the muffin in a mug recipe with ground flaxseed except this recipe has no flour.   I had a play around with it adding other ingredients and every version was delicious.  This is just so simple to make too that even the Chief Taster could whip up one.   The taste is just like a pudding. You could serve it and no-one would guess that there is no flour it in! Just delicious!

The original recipe is lovely by itself but the beauty of it is that you can happily add to it and still get a delicious chocolate pudding.   Although this is cooked in the microwave, apparently you can bake this in the oven.  It takes about 18 min at 180C/350F (I have not tried this yet as wanted my pudding in minutes!).   I served mine with chocolate custard and the childhood memories came flooding back!

I cooked mine in a coffee mug (serves one) and also in a bowl (can serve two).

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Broccoli & Basil Flatbread (Coconut flour)


A bread from broccoli? Madness you cry!  After a day playing around with cauliflower, I looked at a large bunch of broccoli I had in the fridge and thought to myself “Dare I?”.   I did and I loved the result.  It’s something you could have fun playing around with by adding other flavourings and perhaps some cheese too.   I baked it in a square cake tin and the result was a soft yet firm flat bread.  You could make a decent sandwich out of this or even toast it.  I had some with salsa, the Chief Taster had an open sandwich with his half.  Freak the children out! Give them a green sandwich! Hee hee…Oooh, something healthy and green for St Patrick’s’ Day perhaps?

I put basil in it to give it a bit of flavour but this is optional.  If you don’t have coconut flour, I think almond flour or even ground flax seeds would still work.  Move over cauliflower rice, you have a new contender from broccoli!

UPDATE: – I’ve now baked this with ground flaxseed in place of the psyllium powder and it works out great!

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Flaxseed Pancakes


This recipe is from the Low Carb Friends site and is something I’ve been enjoying for a while.  They are very filling and I can often only manage two at a time.  You may want to half the mixture if you are cooking for one.  The Chief Taster also enjoyed this which is for a first with a dish made with flaxseed!  It does not have the slimy taste that flaxseed sometimes gives.  You may want to add a bit more sweetener for your own tastes or alternatively slather a stack of these with cinnamon butter or cream!  At 1g net carbs per pancake this is a great low carb breakfast.

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Cauliflower Salad (Warm)


Trends in food come and go but to me, the humble cauliflower has always been like the little black dress….always in style, and very adaptable.   This salad is normally served warm, but is just as delicious at room temperature.  It’s simple to make, just roast the cauliflower, make the dressing, introduce them to each other and voila!    I call it a warm salad, but it would also make a great vegetable side dish too.  Or you could just eat the whole thing yourself whilst the other half is out!

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