Colourful cocktail!

I have been enjoying lots of hibiscus tea recently and thought that it would be a great mixer too with it’s bright red colour and slightly sweet taste.  So I used it instead of cranberry juice in a cosmopolitan.  Lovely and red and tastes less tart that the cranberry juice. Yummy, tell me more Diva…

Sparkling Hibiscus Cocktail

You can get dried hibiscus flowers that open up once placed in a glass and drink poured over them.  That sound just divine but I have not been able to find them so far in local shops.  Until then, I added some Hibiscus syrup to a glass of sparkling wine, and voila! Enjoyed a nice colourful glass of bubbles. Yummy, tell me more Diva…

Tequila Infusion

I have been flavouring vodka for a while and thought I would have a try with a Tequila infusion.   There is a bar in the UK that would serve shots of Tequila with a slice of orange and a sprinkling of cinnamon which I found very yummy.   With this in mind, I infused the Tequila with orange and cinnamon.   Yummy, tell me more Diva..

Lemon Grass and Lime Cooler

Refreshment in a jar!

This is a lovely refreshing drink which can be drunk as it is, or you can add the spirit of your choice and use it as a mixer.    I just love the blend of lemon grass with the ginger syrup and the mint gives the drink a bit of “zing” to it. Yummy, tell me more Diva…

Ginger Syrup

Flavoured syrups are a great addition to a summer cocktail or a water infusion.   The ginger gives a refreshing zing!  As ever,  I use a sugar replacement.   You could make it with sugar if you wished…but think of those carbs…!  Yummy, tell me more Diva..

Low-Carb Cosmopolitan

Cosmoplitans are one of my favourite cocktails, but they are laden with sugar due to the cranberry juice and Cointreau.  To keep it low carb is the challenge…rather that, then me sobbing on the scales after a brunch or ladies night out.  Challenge accepted! Tell me more Diva..

Low Carb Mojitos

The sugar in a Mojito helps release the flavour from the mint, so the best substitution for this in a low carb version is erythritol.  Sugar is the carb enemy so it needs to be replaced and erythritol (available in health food shops) is the better choice to keep this cocktail low carb.   An alternative sugar replacement would be Agave syrup too. Tell me more Diva..