Hazelnut Flour Muffins with a Coffee Cream Cheese Topping


I’ve recently been playing around with hazelnut flour as I came across a bag of this in a supermarket.   I substituted a few recipes that I usually use almond flour with the hazelnut flour and was delighted with the results.   I love the hazelnut flavour and combined it with coffee for the cream cheese topping.  You could change the topping or omit it all together.   I liked it as it reminded me of a coffee and walnut cake.  If you don’t have hazelnut flour you could make your own by grinding the nuts (the same way that you would make almond flour).  Sadly for me, hazelnuts are not in abundance where I live so you can understand my excitement when I came across a bag of this flour and saw how low in carbs it was too.  I think I squealed out loud with girlish glee….makes a change from my loud swearing at seeing how expensive the cauliflowers are in that shop.

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Margarita Ice Cream (Low Carb Version)


I made this recently for a bbq and forgot how lovely it is. Very easy to make and enjoyed by all (except children!) #ice-cream

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This is based on the no churn Nigella recipe but I’ve made it a bit more low carb friendly by using Orange extract and erythritol.    It is an easy ice cream to make as it does not involve an ice cream maker and the result is lovely and creamy and the joy of Tequila!


125ml lime juice

Zest of 2 limes

2 tblspn Tequila

3 tblspn orange extract

100g powdered erthyritol (I process this in a blender)

500ml double cream


  • Pour the juices, orange extract and tequila into a bowl and add the erthyritol.  Mix well until blended.
  • Add the cream and lime zest and whip until fairly firm.
  • Spoon into an airtight container and put in the freezer, ideally overnight.
  • Scoop, eat and enjoy!

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Peanut Butter Pie


I was in my local health food store and came across a couple of jars of natural, no sugar, no horrid oils added peanut butter on sale.  So I gave a jar a good home and made this peanut butter pie.  I used ground almonds for the crust which went surprisingly well with the peanut taste.  The pie is kept in the freezer and although you are meant to defrost it for 15 minutes before eating, myself and the Chief Taster happily munched many frozen pieces!  This is on my list of recipes to repeat.  It would be good to serve at the next bbq too!  Oooh, perhaps smothered with some extra cream….

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Chocolate Brownies (Almond Flour)


Chocolate, gooey goodness!

If you need to whip up an easy batch of gooey chocolate brownies, then you’ve come to the right recipe.  These are very easy to make and have a wonderful “fudge-like” consistency.  I’ve made them a few times and have been happy with each result.  They are better the next day (aren’t most brownies?) but very moreish warm.  So if you can’t wait for them to cool down, tuck in.  I won’t judge.  I’ve done worse.

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Chocolate Cake (No Flour)


This is one of my first flourless chocolate cakes which I’ve recently baked to improve the photos. I had forgotten how gorgeous this is!

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This was one of my first flourless chocolate cakes I baked and I’ve recently baked it again initially to improve the photos I originally had.   I had forgotten what a joyous, fudge-like explosion of chocolate this cake was!  It is rich, gooey and also amazing the next day.   I would advise that you serve it with a dollop of cream to freshen the palate as this is very rich.  Very decadent, very rich and no flour.  Who needs flour when you can have chocolate.   It tastes so sinful it will have you lighting up a cigarette and phoning the nearby Priest….

The beauty of this cake is that it is very easy to make.  Even the Chief Taster could make this without having to call in the professionals to deal with a damaged kitchen.  It is simplicity itself, but serve it to guests and pretend you slaved for…

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Lemon Swiss Roll with Blackberry Chia Jam (Coconut Flour)



Every time I watch the BBC television show “The Great British Bakeoff” I am left wondering how to recreate the delicious on-screen treats with a gluten-free flour.  So I gave it a whirl with a swiss roll using coconut flour and a chia seed jam (Mary Berry would be clutching at her pearls with horror!).  The Chief Taster declared this the best sponge I’ve made and I would like to tell you that it tasted lovely the next day, but I didn’t get a chance to have another slice as he scoffed it for breakfast.  I shall have to play around with this again.

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Ginger and Raspberry Coconut Flour Cakes


The flavour combination of ginger and raspberry is just delicious and something I want to explore further.  The fresh ginger works so well with the sweet sharpness of the raspberries.  Add into cake form and voila!  The Chief Taster and I were in a debate as to whether these were a muffin or a cake..they are slightly denser than a muffin so I am calling them a cake but there are a bit “muffin’ish”..  Either way they are tasty!  I even had one for breakfast the next day which is unusual for me as I like eggs or something savoury for breakfast.

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