Low Carb Tortilla Wraps


I came across this recipe on The KetoDiet Blog which I am a big fan of.   This dough recipe makes great tortillas, nachos or even breadsticks.  It’s now my favourite sandwich wrap recipe and makes a regular appearance at our dining table.   The beauty of this recipe is that it is very flexible and you can roll the wraps up with no cracking.  I’ve also used it for an enchillada dish..just yummy.

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Cauliflower Bread (Coconut Flour)


I’ve made wraps, bread sticks, pizza and even cake from cauliflower, so thought I’d try a cauliflower bread with it.  The bread is firm and moist along with the Chief Taster approval.   We tried a few slices as an open sandwich which were delightful.  The next day I toasted a few slices with my scrambled eggs for breakfast.  Just delicious!  Although I’ve used coconut flour, you could probably use almond flour (but reduce the eggs) and get a similar result.

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Broccoli & Basil Flatbread (Coconut flour)


A bread from broccoli? Madness you cry!  After a day playing around with cauliflower, I looked at a large bunch of broccoli I had in the fridge and thought to myself “Dare I?”.   I did and I loved the result.  It’s something you could have fun playing around with by adding other flavourings and perhaps some cheese too.   I baked it in a square cake tin and the result was a soft yet firm flat bread.  You could make a decent sandwich out of this or even toast it.  I had some with salsa, the Chief Taster had an open sandwich with his half.  Freak the children out! Give them a green sandwich! Hee hee…Oooh, something healthy and green for St Patrick’s’ Day perhaps?

I put basil in it to give it a bit of flavour but this is optional.  If you don’t have coconut flour, I think almond flour or even ground flax seeds would still work.  Move over cauliflower rice, you have a new contender from broccoli!

UPDATE: – I’ve now baked this with ground flaxseed in place of the psyllium powder and it works out great!

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Picnic Bread with Artichokes, Feta, Lemon and Parsley (Gluten Free)


Although I have called this a picnic bread, it does not mean it can only be consumed at a picnic!  It would also have a welcome place at a bbq.  Or lunch. It’s a lovely summery bread made with my favourite gluten free bread recipe.  I actually prefer this dish cold as the flavours develop and you are left with a tasty bread.

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Stuffed Picnic Rolls (Gluten Free)

Delicious and colourful filling

Delicious and colourful filling

I’ve just finished munching one of these and think it’s the fillings that make it so delicious.  The bread is just a carrier of tasty treats and looks pretty when sliced into two too.   I’ve called this a picnic roll as they would be ideal for a summer picnic but they are a great idea for lunch too.   This bread is very filling due to the high fibre content too, so one is plenty.   You could play around with the fillings too and perhaps make a breakfast roll stuffing it with cooked egg, bacon and a tomato?   The rolls are best made a day before you want to eat them as they are wrapped in clingfilm to firm up.

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Flaxseed Bread Loaf


I adapted this recipe from  http://www.blogilates.com/blog/2011/03/09/no-carb-bread/.   If you want a bread that is very low in carbs and gluten free, then this is the loaf for you since flaxseed is low in carbs and also has a high omega 3 fatty acid content (33 times higher than wheat germ).   The fibre content is high too.  The joy of flax!  It tastes like a wholewheat loaf and I love it toasted, slathered in butter.   I usually toast this under the oven grill rather than in the toaster because it makes a moist loaf and is a challenge to get out of toaster!

This is very low in carbs (about 1 net carb per slice) and is also gluten free.   A great way to enjoy flaxseed in your diet.

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Cauliflower Wrap


Cauliflower goodness!

Eating vegetables can make you creative and this is certainly a creative way to eat cauliflower.   Although these can be used as wraps, they are not really strong enough to be eaten with your hands, so knife and fork people!  We sometimes use them as flat bread and just serve them open, slather the top with veggies or salad (and chicken for the Chief Taster).   Delicious and filling and a great way to eat healthy too!  Yummy, tell me more Diva…