Green Beans, Almonds and Tomatoes with Chilli and Sumac


Every so often I get a real craving for spicy food with a chilli kick and this salad dish hits the spot.   I love the combination of textures, colours and flavours.   The almonds balance out the spicy flavour of the chilli flakes and sumac.   It’s a great salad and colourful too!    You could reduce the chilli flakes if you don’t want it too spicy.  I used almonds with their skin on but you could use blanched ones. 
It is also a great way to spice up green beans!  Green beans are good for you too…full of fibre, vitamins and minerals!


1 large bunch of green beans, trimmed

15 cherry tomatoes

2 cloves garlic, peeled and chopped

1 tspn red chilli flakes

1 tblspn olive oil

1/2 cup almonds

2 tspn sumac

salt and pepper



  • Toast the almonds in a large pan and add a dash of olive oil and salt.  Remove from pan and set aside.
  • Heat the rest of the oil and add the pepper flakes and garlic.  Cook until the garlic is golden.
  • Add the beans and tomatoes.  Season with salt and pepper to taste.   Cover and cook until the beans are cooked.
  • Gentle press the tomatoes to release the juices and add the almonds and sumac.   Toss all the ingredients well.
  • Eat and enjoy!



Love to hear your comments on this!

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